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A Simple Way to Extend Your Pet’s Life

According to the America Veterinary Dental Society, periodontal disease is the number one pet health problem, affecting nearly 80% of dogs and cats by age three. It is a very painful disease that can lead to serious illness. Sadly, most pet owners are unaware that their pet is suffering until there are obvious signs of discomfort from advanced forms of periodontitis.

All of this can be easily prevented just by routinely brushing their teeth! To some, this is a foreign concept, since most people weren’t brought up in the habit of brushing their pets’ teeth.

Many people have never even looked in their pet’s mouth to assess their dental condition, although it is vital to assure overall health. Owners are encouraged to practice getting comfortable with looking in their pet’s mouths, and to become aware of their physical well-being.

There are many signs to watch for that may indicate periodontal disease, including bad breath, a yellow-brown crust of plaque on teeth near the gum line, red or swollen gums, pain or bleeding when your pet eats or when the mouth or gums are touched, or decreased appetite or difficulty eating.

Much like humans, pets also need to have their teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis to help them live a long and healthy life. Unless an animal is provided with consistent dental care, they are in danger of not only developing periodontal disease, but also heart, liver, and kidney disease.

The Natural Pet Tooth Fairy (NPTF) focuses on educating pet parents about the simple ways they can add quality and years to their pets’ lives. Along with teaching owners about routine dental care, we offer teeth cleaning for pets with no anesthesia, under the supervision of licensed veterinarians.

Non-anesthetic dental cleaning is a professional service regulated by the Veterinary Medical Board. It is a great alternative for those at higher risk with the use of anesthesia: elderly pets, brachycephalic breeds, and pets with chronic kidney, liver, or heart disease. This is a welcome and more affordable alternative for many pet owners who don’t want to routinely risk putting their pets under anesthesia for a simple cleaning.

Today, much like chiropractic and acupuncture care for humans, non-anesthetic dental services have come to be more widely accepted for pets in the veterinary world.

Most dogs and cats are amenable to this type of teeth cleaning, likening it to a form of grooming such as bathing or clipping their nails. In administering non-anesthetic cleaning, the technician works to gain their trust. The pet is encouraged to find a comfortable position while relaxation techniques such as calming music, aromatherapy, and proven animal behavior practices are employed. Gradually and gently they are introduced to the procedure. Most pets easily achieve a peaceful state and are quite compliant.

To help set them up for success, it’s highly recommended that owners take their dogs on a walk or run before their appointment. This helps bring them into a naturally relaxed state.

To assure each pet is a good candidate for non-anesthetic cleaning, we provide a general physical and oral exam by a licensed veterinarian.

Non-anesthetic cleanings are comparable to those administered under anesthesia, but without the risks. Similar instruments & techniques are used in both processes (scaling, cleaning under the gum lines, and polishing) and are all performed under the supervision of veterinarians.

Pet parents receive an overview of the veterinarian’s and technician’s findings, and detailed instructions for at-home care. For those who have difficulty with daily brushing, other options are offered. There are a variety of antiseptic gels, supplements, water additives, treats, and chews that serve to support good dental health for pets.

Natural Pet Tooth Fairy’s spacious 1,800 sq. foot facility is located at 630 Orange Drive, just off 1-80 in Vacaville, across the street from the DMV. Make sure you stop in to visit the whole foods Pet Shop next door, and take advantage of 10% off on the day of your pet’s teeth cleaning appointment.

For more information or to book your appointment for California Veterinary Board approved, non-anesthetic dental cleaning by visiting their website at Several standard vaccinations for dogs, and rabies shots for cats are now available as well.

Pet parents are encouraged to come by Natural Pet Tooth Fairy during clinic hours with their fur baby for a free dental evaluation.

- Donna M.Z. Hoover

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