The Natural Pet Tooth Fairy - Anesthesia-Free Teeth Cleaning for Dogs & Cats
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The Natural Pet Tooth Fairy specializes in professional dental cleanings without using anesthesia on your dog or cat.
Our Veterinarians evaluate your pet to see if their dental health is appropriate for an anesthesia-fprocedure.
With over 14 years of experience, we use a very gentle, yet effective technique that provides your pets with a natural & safe cleaning. All of this is done under the direct supervision of licensed Veterinarians.
Why Is It Important To Have Clean Teeth?
Cleaning the teeth of your pet is vital to their health and neglecting them can cause numerous internal disorders including heart, liver, and kidney diseases. Some pets have not had their teeth cleaned in years and may have damage to their gums such as pockets, recession, and periodontal disease. In these cases, your pet may need to be treated with antibiotics prescribed by a Veterinarian.
Signs of Dental Disease: 
- Bad breath
- Red or swollen gums
- Loose or missing teeth
- Yellow/brown plaque on the teeth
- Decreased appetite or difficulty eating
- Pain or discomfort while eating
The  Natural Pet Tooth Fairy performs the cleaning by removing tartar from their teeth,  followed by polishing the tooth surface to ensure a smooth & lustrous finish.
How Do We Do It?
Our technique is very gentle and extremely safe.  We create a calming environment using relaxing aromatherapy.  Your pet simply lays in our lap while we talk, praise, and reassure them while removing the tartar from their teeth.  Pets just need time, patience, and guidance.  Then they are perfectly willing to accept this painless procedure.  In fact, most pets love the attention and will feel much better after having the tartar & bacterial plaque removed.
The Natural Pet Tooth Fairy wants to help ensure a long and happy life for your pets. Prevent problems before they begin and help ensure a healthy future with regular cleanings.
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