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We specialize in professional pet dental cleanings without using anesthesia for dogs & cats.
Our Veterinarians evaluate your pet to see if their dental health is appropriate for an anesthesia-free procedure.

With over 15 years of experience, we use a very gentle, yet effective technique that provides your pets with a natural & safe cleaning.
 All of this is done under the direct supervision of licensed Veterinarians.

Why Is It Important To Have Clean Teeth?

Regular cleaning of your pet’s teeth is vital to help assure a long and healthy life. If you make dental care a part of your pet’s health regimen, you will protect them from developing a litany of avoidable health issues including periodontal or gum disease. This simple act can also safeguard them from serious illnesses such as heart, liver, and kidney disease.

Here's what one of our customers had to say:
"So glad I found the Natural Pet Tooth Fairy!  We've tried to brush our dog's teeth before, but he'd lick the brush and smack his gums, making it nearly impossible. The Natural Pet Tooth Fairy scraped off thick tartar and polished away for almost an hour and a half while Riley stayed calm. Amazing!  I guess they have a dog whisperer doing the cleaning. (How on earth they do cats is beyond me!)"said Kathi T.
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Signs of Dental Disease: 
- Bad breath
- Red or swollen gums
- Loose or missing teeth
- Yellow/brown plaque on the teeth
- Decreased appetite or difficulty eating
- Pain or discomfort while eating
How Do We Do It?

Most pets respond positively to our gentle and patient approach. We create a soothing atmosphere, relaxing your pet with calming aromatherapy, while reassuring them with praise and gentle tones. As they are patiently guided into a tranquil state, most pets rest comfortably in our lap while we gently and painlessly remove the tartar and plaque from their teeth. We then complete the process by polishing the surface to a sparkling and lustrous finish. Most pets love the attention and will feel much better after having the tartar & bacterial plaque removed.


The Natural Pet Tooth Fairy wants to help ensure a long and happy life for your pets. Prevent problems before they begin and help ensure a healthy future with regular cleanings.
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